Designed to quickly fill or when reversed, drain a ballast tank at a rate of more than 45 L/min (12 GPM). Capable of pumping fresh or sea water the pump’s robust design can handle the rigors of continues duty usage, is reversible, & has a built in thermal overload for added protection. Care not to run dry for extended periods of time will increase the pump longevity and ensure reliable performance for many years. Note: Only for waterhandling.

Impeller: 09-824P-1
Ultra Ballast Pump F4B-11: 09-47196

Item # Desc. RRP ex VAT
10-24690-01 F4B-11 ULTRA BALLAST PUMP 1"HOSE 12V £220.10
10-24690-02 F4B-11 ULTRA BALLAST PUMP 1"HOSE 24V £220.10