Premium polishing antifouling providing 2 seasons protection in difficult fouling conditions.

  • High performance, premium multi-season copolymer antifouling, providing
  • up to 2 years protection even in the harshest fouling conditions.

  • Polishing action ensures that a fresh, active layer of antifouling is
  • always exposed to the water. This action results in a clean, smooth
    hull, minimising friction and drag. The movement of the hull through
    the water gradually wears away the coating, preventing leached layer
    build-up. This reduces surface preparation prior to re-coating, helping
    to save time and costs.

  • Multi-season lifetime (3-4 coats) - the convenience to haul out, wash
  • and re-launch without re-painting every season.

  • Biolux® technology - controlled optimised biocide release for sustained
  • antifouling protection. Contains boosting biocides for enhanced slime
    and weed control.

  • Wide overcoating window, can be applied up to 12 months before launch - apply in Autumn launch in Spring.
  • Suitable for high speed craft up to 25 knots
  • NOT suitable on aluminium/alloy substrates or zinc sprayed surfaces.
  • Practical Coverage (m²/Lt): 9.0
    No. of coats: 2-3 (1 Season), 3-4 (2 Seasons)
    Application: Brush, Roller

    Thinner: No.3 for cleaning equipt, thinning of
    product not recommended
    Substrates: GRP, Wood, Steel/Iron & Lead

    Rated “Outstanding” on high fouling areas.

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