Contains unique water activated matrix technology, combining powerful performance with very low VOC1

Unique to International Paint, Micron WA has been developed using novel paint technology - Water Activated Matrix - which provides outstanding protection against all types of fouling in all types of water, including high-challenge areas, for up to 24 months.*

* Depends on the total DFT (dry film thickness) applied. For 24 months performance, a total dry film thickness of 120μm (microns) needs to be achieved. Extra coats are needed if vessels are expected to operate at speeds in excess of 15 knots for extended periods.

  • Longer in-service periods improve flexibility of maintenance schedules
  • Once activated, Water Activated Matrix technology delivers a crisp, vibrant colour and uniform appearance to provide a striking, attractive finish.
  • It also helps to reduce environmental impact by having optimised copper levels, using fewer natural resources and minimising the amount of VOCs emitted to the atmosphere that form ground level ozone (smog) which is harmful to humans, animals, vegetation and marine life.
  • The extremely low VOC (~5 g/l) also helps with local VOC regulation compliance.
  • For all suitably primed substrates except aluminium
  • One pack product in a 5 Litre tin

  • Practical Coverage (m²/Lt): 3.66 (Airless Spray), 8.3 (Brush/Roller)
    No. of coats: 2 - 3
    Substrates: GRP, Lead, Steel, Wood, Cast Iron
    Application: Brush, Roller, Airless Spray

    Rated “Outstanding” on high fouling areas.

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