Versatile in use Colorado features Single Interface Valves and the new Easy Inflation Manometer: paddlers can inflate Colorado easily at the correct pressure. The Backpack System adds on userfriendliness in packing and transportation.

- Single Interface Valves Patent N. FR 10/59823
- Backpack System
- Also included: Easy Inflation Manometer
- Adjustable and inflatable seats with high backrest for comfort
- Easy carry handles
- Drain plug to easily evacuate water
- Removable fin and welded directional strakes for extra manoeuvrability
- Supplied with a repair kit and owner's manual

Backpack System :
The Backpack System adds on user friendliness in packing and transportation. The kayak will convert into a backpack and you can easily transport the kayak on your shoulders. Avoid the hassle of a tight fit carry bag and enjoy the incredible portability.

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