Sensitive 12 volt appliances depend on a constant, stable voltage that the onboard battery cannot always supply. Simply connect a PerfectCharge IU charging converter between the power sources: it stabilises voltage and compensates for over and under voltage in the range from 8 - 16 volts. By increasing the charging voltage, it also ensures complete charging of supply batteries during a cruise.

  • Ideal for voltage stabilisation and for charging the supply battery while cruising
  • High efficiency
  • Electrically isolated input and output voltage
  • Part No.
    8-70110 8-70113 8-70116
    DC 08 DC 20 DC 40
    Input voltage:
    12V (18-16V) 12V (18-16V) 12V (18-16V)
    Output voltage:
    14.2 ± 0.1V 14.2 ± 0.1V 14.2 ± 0.1V
    Energy Efficiency:
    87% 87% 87%
    Charging current:
    8A 20A 40A
    0.75kg 1.2kg 2.1kg
    Item # Desc. RRP ex VAT
    8-70110 DOMETIC DC08 DC-DC CONVERTER 12/12VDC 8A £111.24
    8-70113 DOMETIC DC20 DC-DC CONVERTER 12/12VDC 20A £161.16
    8-70116 DOMETIC DC40 DC-DC CONVERTER 12/12VDC 40A £316.19