Masterswitch: The Simple but Effective Solution

  • Two AC inputs: inverter/grid power or generator
  • A single outlet to the AC power group
  • Automatic switching
  • Power transfer up to 25kW, input / output from 20 to 125 Amps
  • Can be combined with circuit breakers (Masterswitch Fuses)

  • Mass Systemswitch: The Complete System Solution

  • Three 230V inputs: inverter, grid power and generator.
  • Three or four outlets to 230V power groups.
  • Automatic switching.
  • Power conduction from 4.5kW to 16kW, input/output from 25 to 63A
  • Information source for central energy management via the MasterBus network
  • Optional automatic fuses; for larger systems this usually requires an extra casing
  • MasterBus compatible

  • Click here for specifications

    Item # Desc. RRP ex VAT
    M55008005 MV MASS SYSTEMSWITCH 6kW - MASTERBUS £912.47
    M55008105 MV MASS SYSTEMSWITCH 10kW - MASTERBUS £1091.21