Nautical Eroding Antifouling is a general purpose antifouling designed to provide good antifouling protection for up to one season in moderate to low fouling conditions.

  • Low cost, good general performance antifouling
  • Specially formulated for use in all waters and suitable for inland waterways
  • Self polishing action resulting in a clean, smooth hull, minimising friction & drag. Gradually wears away preventing leached layer build-up. This reduces surface preparation prior to recoating, saving time and money
  • Surface tolerant – compatible over most antifouling paints
  • Can be applied direct over most other antifouling paints provided they are in good condition (see table opposite)
  • Seal unknown antifoulings with Nautical Underwater Primer
  • No thinning required. NT2 recommended for cleaning
  • Suitable for vessels up to 20 knots
  • Do not use on aluminium

  • No. of Coats: 2-3 per season
    Theoretical Coverage: 10m2/L (brush)
    Practical Coverage: 9m2/L (brush)
    VOC: 434g/L
    Application Method: Brush / Roller
    Typical Shelf Life: 2 years

    Item # Desc. RRP ex VAT
    5-64001 NAUTICAL ANTIFOULING RED 2.5L £40.85
    5-64003 NAUTICAL ANTIFOULING NAVY 2.5L £40.85